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martin ludl

born 1978 in vienna, austria

Martin discovered artistic photography already during his school education. The passion for pictorial design led him to work as a Cameraman, in which he is still in with enthusiasm. Through his long-term work in this environment - he is surrounded daily by fast technological developments – Martin rediscovered analogue photography in 2008.

Finding the rest and taking the time for a photo is a valuable asset that He experiences through his passion for pictorial design with different analogue cameras. Especially very simple cameras, ie pinhole cameras or ´Holga` (a full plastic camera) accompany martin on his trips. Therefore he photographs landscape and architecture more often.

martin particularly appreciates the creative possibilities the analogue photography offers directly on a negative (in the camera) without the need of using photo editing applications. The simplicity of the cameras and the limitation of the possible exposures allow an almost meditative focus on the subject. Technology get less important. The selection of the film, the composition and the elaboration of the negative becomes a more central role. Beside other techniques, martin likes to experiment with multiple exposures as there is always a hidden attraction for the unpredictable.

In the end, it´s not only a photograph, it´s a captured emotion of the moment.

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